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According to the power-control theory, which family structure predicts greater male-female differences in delinquency?

Patriarchal families

Which crime is most commonly committed by women, according to the American Crime Index of Offences?


What is the explanation provided by liberal feminist theory for the traditionally lower crime rate for women?

Women have fewer opportunities to commit crimes

Which crimes are usually committed by men, according to the text?

Motor vehicle theft and robbery

What is the impact of women's emancipation on female crime rates?

Female crime rates have remained the same

Why are women suggested to be less likely to engage in antisocial activities?

Women are biologically less aggressive

Why do Anne Campbell and Steven Muncer reject biological explanations of sex differences in aggressiveness?

Men learn to regard aggression as a practical way to establish control

How do male serial killers often use aggression to control their victims?

Sexual aggression

How do men in the workplace often use aggression to intimidate female employees of a lower rank?

Sexual harassment

What is a generally accepted explanation for the difference in crime committed between genders?

Different methods of socialisation for boys and girls

What percentage of South African prisoners are over 50 years old?

Less than 2%

What is the universal pattern for involvement in serious crimes, as stated in the text?

Involvement tends to peak in adolescence or early adulthood and then decline with age.

What percentage of all violent crimes in the USA were committed by juveniles in 2014, according to the National Crime Victimization Survey?


What is the most probable age group of victims of juvenile offenders, according to the text?

12-19 years old

What are some of the social factors that contribute to the high crime rate among youth, as mentioned in the text?

Poor social or intellectual skills

What is the primary factor behind women's involvement in criminal activities?

Marginalized economic status

What is the age-crime curve?

A statistical count of the number of known crimes committed in a population over a given period mapped according to age

What is the relationship between delinquent peers and gender differences in criminal behavior, according to the text?

Delinquent peers have a stronger influence on males

At what age do most transgressions peak, according to Sykes and Cullen (1992)?

Between 16 and 20 years

What is the relationship between age and criminality, according to the text?

Age is inversely related to criminality

What is the possible explanation for increasing lawlessness during the teen years?

Weakened parental control and increased influence of the peer group

What tends to straighten out many youngsters, according to the text?

Social relationships discouraging irresponsibility

What is a risk factor that may contribute to habitual offending patterns, according to the text?

Early onset of crime

What is a change in attitude to crime that aging criminals tend to experience, according to the text?

Viewing crime as risky and not worth the trouble

Which developmental theory stresses antisocial potential and cognition and how they are shaped into pro or antisocial directions at different times and in different situations?

Farrington’s Integrated Cognitive Antisocial Potential (ICAP) theory

According to Farrington's distinction, when does short-term antisocial potential occur?

Primarily during adolescence

According to Moffit's theory, what is the difference between adolescent-limited offenders (AL) and life-course persistent (LCP) offenders?

LCP offenders have neurological and temperamental difficulties, while AL offenders do not.

What is the main focus of Sampson and Laub's age-graded theory?

The power of informal social control to prevent offending

What factors could play a role in the high percentage of crime perpetrated by blacks worldwide?

Social conditions such as poverty and unemployment

What is a possible explanation for the phenomenon that fewer women commit crimes than men?

There is less opportunity for women to commit crime due to unequal opportunities

Test your knowledge on South African prison demographics and crime statistics with this informative quiz. Explore the age distribution of prisoners and the prevalence of serious crimes in society. Keywords: South Africa, prison, demographics, crime, statistics.

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