Software Development Life Cycle: Requirements and Design

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What is a project?

A temporary endeavor to create a unique product

What role does the project manager play in a project?

Executing project tasks

Who are the stakeholders in a project?

Groups directly impacted by the project

What is the main objective of building construction projects?

To complete the building within a specified timeframe and budget

What is the responsibility of the project team?

Managing resources and coordinating activities

Which phase of a software development project involves requirements gathering?


Who are the recipients of the project's deliverables?

Clients or Customers

Which role typically provides the project's overall vision and objectives?

Senior Executives

What is the most important and fundamental stage in the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)?

Planning and Requirement Analysis

Who provides inputs for the requirement analysis stage in SDLC?

Customer, Sales Department, Market Surveys, and Domain Experts

Which stage in SDLC involves identifying quality assurance requirements and project risks?

Planning and Requirement Analysis

Why are clients or customers considered essential for project success?

They provide feedback and approvals

What is the purpose of the SRS document in the software development life cycle?

To define and document product requirements

Which stage of the SDLC involves defining all the architectural modules of the product?

Stage 3: Designing the Product Architecture

What should developers follow during the Implementing or Coding stage of SDLC?

Coding guidelines defined by their organization

Which high-level programming languages may be used for coding during SDLC implementation stage?

Java and PHP

In which stage of SDLC are testing activities mostly involved in modern models?

Stage 5: Testing the Product

What type of document should clearly define the internal design of all architectural modules?

Design Document Specification (DDS)

What is the focus of the testing in the stage mentioned in the text?

Identifying potential product defects

What happens once a software is certified and has no bugs or errors?

It is officially deployed in the market

Why might a product be released in a limited segment first according to the text?

To test it in a real business environment

What happens during the maintenance and support phase of a product?

Enhancements are made based on user feedback

When is ongoing support provided to users?

After the product is released in the market

What is the purpose of adapting to changing requirements during maintenance?

To improve functionality and address issues

Learn about the stages of software development life cycle, specifically focusing on defining requirements and designing product architecture. Explore the role of Software Requirement Specification (SRS) document and the architectural modules in the design approach.

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