Sociocultural Theory Overview

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Which theory emphasizes the relationship between language and culture?

Ethnography of Communication

Which type of competence is described as the ability to use language for communication in real situations?

Communicative Competence

In teaching culture in ELT, what is the focus of Sowa's Cultural Facts Approach?

Little c Culture vs. Big C Culture

Which theory places native speakers at the center and regards the way they speak as 'norm'?

Ethnography of Communication

What are the two main ways to teach culture in ELT according to the text?

Directly and Indirectly

According to sociocultural theory, how does language function as a cultural artifact?

It enables people to talk and think about events

In the context of sociocultural theory, how do children from different cultures adapt to their respective cultural teachings?

They learn to play with toys in one culture and play outdoors in another culture

What is the significance of the statement, 'Every function in the child's cultural development appears twice' according to Vygotsky's sociocultural theory?

It emphasizes the role of social interaction in shaping individual development

According to sociocultural theory, where do the most important forms of human cognitive activity develop?

Within culturally and historically formed settings

What does sociocultural theory suggest about the development of children's skills?

Skills are first related to interactions with others and then used within themselves

Test your knowledge of sociocultural theory, which was developed by Vygotsky and focuses on the role of language in representing and maintaining cultural practices. Explore how cultural development occurs on both a social and individual level. This quiz covers key concepts and principles of sociocultural theory.

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