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In the Submentovertex (SMV) projection, where should the CR be centered?

Midway between the gonions

Which projection is an alternative view for patients who cannot flex their necks?

PA axial (Haas Method)

In the PA axial (Haas Method) projection, what is the angle of the CR with respect to the OML?


For which kind of pathology is the PA axial 0⁰ projection specifically intended?

Inner temporal bone structures

What is the specific instruction for patient positioning in the PA axial 15⁰ / 30⁰ / 0⁰ projection?

Patient's head on vertex

How should the patient's neck be positioned in the Submentovertex (SMV) projection?


What is a key difference between the PA axial (Haas Method) and the PA axial 0⁰ projections?

Angle of CR

In which projection should the patient's nose and forehead be raised against the table/Bucky?

'PA axial (Haas Method)'

What is the correct CR angle for the AP axial (modified Towne method) projection of the TMJs?

35⁰ caudad from OML

What is the purpose of the modified Towne method projection in imaging the TMJs?

To highlight the mandibular condyles

In the AP axial (modified Towne method) projection, where should the CR be directed in relation to the level of the TMJs?

2.5 cm anterior to TMJs

What instructions are given for patient positioning in the AP axial (modified Towne method) projection?

OML perpendicular to IR

Which textbook is listed as a main reference for Facial Bones Projection – TMJs - AP axial (modified Towne method)?

Textbook of Radiographic Positioning and Related Anatomy

What is the recommended kV range for the AP axial (modified Towne method) projection?

70-80 kV

Which part of the anatomy should be visualized in a successful AP axial (modified Towne method) projection?

Condyloid processes of mandible

Test your knowledge on positioning the head in a true lateral position for skull and cranial projections. Make sure to align the mid-sagittal plane (MSP) and the infraorbital line (IPL) properly to ensure accurate imaging results.

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