Skin Conditions and Treatment Consultation

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What should be done if an individual has an active herpes simplex virus (HSV) outbreak?

Postpone dermaplaning until the outbreak clears up

What should be avoided during a dermaplaning facial?

Treating areas with active acne

Why should dermaplaning be postponed during pregnancy?

Due to the lack of research on its safety during pregnancy

What is a contraindication for dermaplaning?

All of the above

Why is it essential to consult with a healthcare provider before undergoing dermaplaning during pregnancy?

To ensure the mother and baby's safety

What should be done to prevent the spread of infection during dermaplaning?

All of the above

What is a significant risk of performing a treatment on infected skin?

Spreading the infection to other areas of the client's face or to the therapist

What is a characteristic of a sebaceous cyst?

A round, nodular lesion with a smooth shiny surface

Why is it essential to remove heads from pustules before a treatment?

To prevent the spread of bacterial infection

What is a contraindication for a client with conjunctivitis?

A client with a contagious eye infection

What is a common way that impetigo can be transmitted?

Through dirty fingernails and towels

What is a characteristic of a boil?

A small, inflamed nodule that forms a pocket of bacteria around the base of a hair follicle

What is a potential skin infection that may occur as a reaction to certain substances?


Why is it crucial to complete a full consultation during the client's first visit?

To ascertain if the client has any problems or contraindications

What should you do with the Client Record Card after the consultation?

Mark the date of the visit, the treatment undertaken, and obtain the client's signature

What is a purpose of the client consultation?

To rule out any contraindications

What may cause a blue-black nodule on the skin?

Hypertrophic disorders

How often should you update the Client Record Card?

On every visit

This quiz assesses your knowledge of various skin conditions, including their causes, symptoms, and treatment options. It covers topics such as allergic reactions, skin infections, and cosmetic treatments like Botox and fillers. Test your understanding of skin health and beauty treatments.

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