Significance of the Scientific Revolution

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Who is considered the 'Father of Chemistry' by some scholars?

Jäbir ibn Hayÿan

Which mathematicians made refinements to the number system, including introducing the decimal point notation?

Muslim mathematicians

In which century did the decline of the golden age of Islam start?

11th to 13th century

Who pioneered the science of experimental medicine and conducted the first clinical trials?

Ibn Sina

Which scholar made contributions to medicine including discovering the contagious nature of infectious diseases?

Ibn Sina

What caused the decline of the golden age of Islam from 11th to 13th century?

Conquest of the Mongols

What was one of Nicolaus Copernicus' professions?


Which term best describes Copernicus' ideas based on the text?


Where did Copernicus serve as a canon?

Frombork Cathedral

What influenced Copernicus significantly in his astronomical studies?

Epitome by Johannes Müeller

Which scientist's works did Johannes Müeller comment on in his book that influenced Copernicus?


When did Copernicus finish his doctorate degree?


What motivated scientists during the scientific revolution to explore the physical and natural world?

Deep passion to know and to discover

How did the scientific revolution impact the conduct of scientific investigations, experiments, and observations?

It significantly improved the conduct of investigations

What was a common characteristic of scientists during the scientific revolution?

They were driven by curiosity, critical thinking, and creativity

How did some individuals' ideas during the scientific revolution challenge dominant theories of their time?

By shaking and contesting the dominant theories and ideas

What was one outcome of the scientific revolution in terms of research fields?

It prompted the creation of new research fields in science

How did scientists during the scientific revolution view their role in society?

As ordinary people doing extraordinary things

Which institution was established as the Observatorio Meteorológico at the Ateneo Municipal de Manila?

Ateneo Municipal de Manila

Which institution issued the first typhoon warnings in Philippine history?

Ateneo Municipal de Manila

Which institution is known as the oldest in East Asia, having been established in 1578?

San Lazaro Hospital

In what year did the University of Santo Tomas start offering programs in medicine and pharmacy?


Which institution was made the official weather forecasting institution for the colony in 1884?

Observatorio Meteorológico

Which institution is now known as the University of San Carlos?

Colegio de San Juan de Letran

Before the Industrial Revolution, which of the following industries were based on crafts and skills?

Art and weaponry

In 1905, which scientific figure published research papers on the photoelectric effect, Brownian motion, and special relativity?

Albert Einstein

How did the Industrial Revolution contribute to the convergence of science and technology?

By bringing science and technology closer together

Who is credited with formulating various concepts of optics according to the text?

Euclid, Ibn Sahl, Snell, and Newton

What significant shift did Albert Einstein's research papers in 1905 bring about in the field of physics?

Overthrow of prevailing views

How does the text describe the relationship between science and technology nowadays?

A special, intimate connection promoting and enriching each other

Explore the profound impact of the Scientific Revolution on human development, societal transformation, and the evolution of scientific ideas. Discover how this period revolutionized scientific investigations, experiments, observations, and led to the emergence of new research fields.

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