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Which element of drama refers to the central idea of the play?


What does the plot of a play contain?

Initial entanglement or conflict

What moves the action of the play forward?


Which element of drama refers to the word choices made by the playwright and how the actors enunciate the language?


What contains the events in the play and should have a logical connection with each other?


What is the term used to describe a paper containing a formal, written discussion of a performance of a play or musical?

Theater critique

Which approach to literary criticism focuses on the psychology of characters?


What type of literary criticism aims to find the connection between the piece and the author's personal experiences?


Which aspect of a play or musical does the term 'spectacle' refer to in the theatre?

Scenery and costumes

In theatrical presentations, what does music encompass apart from melody and music compositions?

All sound effects, actor's voices, songs, and instrumental music played as underscore

Test your knowledge of the six Aristotelean elements of drama as they relate to Filipino drama. This quiz covers important aspects such as plot, characters, and other fundamental elements.

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