Filipino Drama During the Japanese Period

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Who were the translators in Filipino literature during the Japanese Period?

Francisco Soc Rodrigo, Alberto Concio, and Narciso Pimentel

What did the big movie houses show during the Japanese Period in the Philippines?

Stage shows

Which Filipino playwright wrote 'Sino Ba Kayo? Dahil Sa Anak'?

Julian Cruz Balmaceda

What literary organization did Francisco Soc Rodrigo, Alberto Concio, and Narciso Pimentel found?

Dramatic Philippines

'Bulaga' (Hide and Seek) was written by which Filipino playwright?

Clodualdo del Mundo

What form of literary work experienced a lull during the Japanese Period in the Philippines?

Filipino Drama

What is the main focus of Philippine literature?

Socio-political histories of colonial traditions

Which period in Philippine literature history is described as crude on ideology and phraseology?

BC 1564 Based on oral traditions

What was different about the alphabet used by the ancestors of the Filipinos?

It was similar to the Malayo-Polynesian alphabet

What type of stories are traced in Philippine ancient literature?

Customs and traditions in everyday life

What do Philippine writers have a talent for?

Bringing the past back to life with emotive language and metaphor

What do Filipino writers help keep alive through their works?

Thoughts, beliefs, and cultural variations of ancestors

During the American rule, what influenced Philippine literature the most?


What language was used as the language of instruction during the American rule in the Philippines?


Which writer is known for the work 'How my Brother Leon Brought Home a Wife'?

Jose Garcia Villa

During 1941 - 1945, what was mandated in the use of language in Filipino literature?


Which literary form prevailed over poetry during 1941 - 1945 in Filipino literature?

Short stories

What served as a stepping stone for others to improve their social status in Filipino literature?

Free education

Study Notes

Philippine Literature

  • Philippine Literature is a diverse and rich group of works that has evolved side-by-side with the country’s history.

Early Philippine Literature

  • Started with fables and legends made by the ancient Filipinos long before the arrival of Spanish influence.
  • Focuses on the country’s pre-colonial cultural traditions and the socio-political histories of its colonial and contemporary traditions.

Ancient Literature (BC 1564)

  • Based on oral traditions.
  • Crude on ideology and phraseology.
  • Represented the ethos of the people before the arrival of the huge cultural influence.
  • Showed customs and traditions in everyday life as traced in folk stories, old plays, and short stories.
  • Used an alphabet similar to the Malayo-Polynesian alphabet.

American Rule (1899 - 1945)

  • Influenced by education and free writing to societal change.
  • Education provided by the Americans led to the growth of Philippine literature.
  • Early literary works in English showed American styles.
  • Writers who just started learning English struggled to showcase their talent due to language limitations.

Famous Authors

  • Aurelio Tolentino - writer of Kahapon, Bukas, Ngayon
  • Juan Matapang - writer of Hindi Ako Patay
  • Juan Abad - writer of Tanikalang Ginto
  • Severino Reyes - writer of Walang Sugat
  • Manuel Arguilla - writer of How my Brother Leon Brought Home a Wife
  • Jose Garcia Villa - writer of Footnote to Youth
  • Faustino Aguilar - writer of Pinaglahuan
  • Lope K. Santos - writer of Banaag at Sikat

Japanese Period

  • Experienced a lull in literary production due to the closure of movie houses showing American films.
  • Many plays were reproductions of English plays translated into Tagalog.
  • Translators included Francisco Soc Rodrigo, Alberto Concio, and Narciso Pimentel.

21st Century

  • Experienced a surge in literary innovations and adaptations.
  • New forms of literature emerged, built upon the basic genres.
  • Non-traditional writers are now able to express themselves freely.

Explore the literary forms and notable playwrights during the Filipino Drama era under Japanese occupation. Learn about the impact of closed movie houses showing American films and the emergence of translated plays. Discover key figures like Jose Ma. Hernandez and the organization Dramatic Philippines.

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