Sexual Health Awareness in Indonesian Youths

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What percentage of Indonesian teenagers aged 13-17 years have had sexual intercourse?

5.2 percent

What is the primary focus of YGSI's advocacy efforts?

Improving and advocating for sexual and reproductive health rights

In what year was YGSI established as a separate entity from Rutgers?


What is the theme of the event held at the Royal Netherlands Embassy Jakarta on April 29 2024?

Together Towards a Glorious Future

How many regions across Indonesia has YGSI been operating in?

13 regions

What is the main objective of the Get Up Speak Out program launched by YGSI in 2015?

To create a safe space for teens to learn about gender sensitivity and reproductive health

What is the primary reason for YGSI's existence in Indonesia, according to Lany Harijanti?

Because creating accessible education about sexuality helps break the taboo in Indonesia

What is the focus of YGSI's expansion plan for this year?

To adapt their PKRS modules in around 400 local schools in Garut

What is the title of the interactive dialogue hosted by YGSI during the event?

Breaking the Boundaries towards Comprehensive Reproductive Health and Sexuality Education Sustainability

What is the primary aspect of YGSI's programs, aside from aligning with their vision?

Collaboration with key partners

Test your knowledge about sexual and reproductive health awareness among Indonesian teenagers aged 13-17 years. Learn about the statistics and the efforts of organizations like Yayasan Gemilang Sehat Indonesia to promote education and awareness on this critical issue.

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