Sensory Pathways and the Brain
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Sensory Pathways and the Brain

Test your knowledge of the sensory pathways in the human body with this informative quiz. Learn about the different routes sensory information takes to reach the brain, including the dorsal column, anterolateral, and dorsal and ventral spinocerebellar tracts. Discover how these pathways work together and their specific functions. With keywords such as somatic sensory area, medial lemniscal system, and spinothalamic pathway, this quiz is perfect for those interested in neuroscience or studying fo...

Questions and Answers

Which pathway carries sensory information to the thalamus through medial lemnisci pathways?

Dorsal column pathway

Which pathway carries proprioceptive information to the cerebellum?

Dorsal spinocerebellar tract

Where is the somatic sensory area located?

Anterior portion of parietal lobe

Study Notes

  • Sensory information enters spinal cord through dorsal roots or brain stem via cranial nerves
  • Three main sensory pathways: dorsal column, anterolateral, dorsal and ventral spinocerebellar tracts
  • Dorsal column pathway: first order neurons enter dorsal column, synapse in cuneate and gracile nuclei
  • Second order neurons originate in cuneate and gracile nuclei, decussate to opposite side and pass upward to thalamus through medial lemnisci pathways
  • Additional decussated fibers from sensory nucleus of trigeminal nerve join medial lemnisci pathways
  • Third order neurons project mainly to somatic sensory area located at postcentral gyrus
  • Somatic sensory area occupies cerebral cortex of anterior portion of parietal lobe
  • Dorsal column pathway is part of medial lemniscal system
  • Anterolateral pathways make up spinothalamic pathway
  • Dorsal and ventral spinocerebellar tracts carry proprioceptive information to cerebellum.

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