Sensory Pathways and Thalamus Termination Points

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Which laminae receive presynaptic terminals from A beta neurons?

Lamina 5

Which tract is responsible for carrying both noxious and non-noxious information from A beta, A delta, and C fibers from the periphery to the thalamus?

Neospinothalamic tract

Where does the primary somatosensory cortex (PSC) receive projections primarily from the neospinothalamic tract?

Primary somatosensory cortex

What is the first step in nociception process?


Which structure plays a role in sensory modulation and descending inhibition?


Where does the transmission stage of nociception begin and end?

At the synapse between 2nd order neurons and ends in the brain

Which structure is a key in the propagation of pain modulation, sympathetic responses, and learning an action of defensive and aversive behaviors?

Periaqueductal gray

What is the primary role of endogenous opioids at the level of the brain?

Inhibiting fear associated with pain

What is the main mechanism for central sensitization?

Homosynaptic potentiation

What is the main function of the spinothalamic tract?

Convey nociceptive and discriminatory information from A-delta and C-fibers to the sensory cortex

How does the gate control theory relate to nociceptive modulation?

It acutely reduces the magnitude of nociceptive action potential before reaching the brain

What is the role of descending inhibition systems in nociceptive modulation?

Inhibit nociceptive input to the brain through descending neuronal pathways

What is the primary role of the Reticular Formation RN and Raphe Nuclei PVG & PAG in the context of pain modulation?

Inhibition of chronic nociception

Which structure(s) are associated with the modulation of visceral, emotional, and autonomic responses in the context of pain processing?

Thalamus and Primary Somatosensory Cortex

What is the main function of the Dorsal Horn interneurons in the context of pain modulation?

To modulate sensory input

This quiz covers the termination points at VPI and VPL of the thalamus for sensory pathways, including neo and ant pathways. It also includes information about the transmission of nociceptive and discriminatory information to the sensory cortex via third-order neurons.

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