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Which sense is primarily responsible for detecting taste?


Which part of the ear is responsible for maintaining balance?

Semicircular canals

Which sensory receptor cells are responsible for detecting light and color?

Rods and cones

Who directed the 2021 Indian Telugu-language film Romantic?

Anil Paduri

Who co-produced the film Romantic?

Charmme Kaur

Who plays the role of Vasco in the film Romantic?

Akash Puri

What is the profession of ACP Ramya Gowarikar in the film Romantic?

Police officer

What is Vasco's motivation for entering the world of crime in the film Romantic?

To fulfill his grandmother's dream

Test your knowledge of the human senses with this quiz! From taste to balance to vision, see if you can identify which sense and sensory receptors are responsible for different aspects of our perception.

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