Seed Dispersal by Animals and Water Quiz
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Seed Dispersal by Animals and Water Quiz

Test your knowledge on how some plants use animals and water to disperse their seeds. Learn about different seed types and their methods of dispersion to ensure successful germination. This quiz covers topics like hooks on fruits, seeds getting caught in animal fur, and floating seeds on water.

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How do some fruits get dispersed by animals?

Through hooks on the fruits that stick to the animals

Which type of seed dispersal mechanism involves seeds floating on water?

Water dispersal

What is the structure of a seed that is dispersed by water?

Lightweight and able to float on water

How do fruits with explosive dispersal mechanisms disperse seeds?

<p>By bursting open and throwing seeds in all directions</p> Signup and view all the answers

What type of plants produce woody fruits for dispersal by the sea?

<p>Plants like coconut trees</p> Signup and view all the answers

Study Notes

Seed Dispersal Mechanisms

  • Some fruits get dispersed by animals through consumption, where the seeds pass through the animal's digestive system and are excreted in a new location, often with fertilizers.
  • Hydrochory is the type of seed dispersal mechanism that involves seeds floating on water.
  • Seeds dispersed by water, such as coconut and mangrove, typically have a spongy or fibrous structure that allows them to float.

Explosive Dispersal Mechanisms

  • Fruits with explosive dispersal mechanisms, such as the sandbox tree, disperse seeds by violently bursting open, propelling seeds away from the parent plant.

Dispersal by Sea

  • Some plants, such as mangroves and coconut palms, produce woody fruits that are adapted for dispersal by the sea, allowing them to travel long distances and colonize new areas.

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