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What is the main function of secretory (glandular) epithelium?

Producing and releasing secretory substances

Where are the products to be secreted usually stored in secretory epithelial cells?

Secretory vesicles

How do exocrine glands release their products?

Through a duct system to the epithelial surface

What distinguishes endocrine glands from exocrine glands?

Release of products into the bloodstream

What characterizes unicellular glands?

They consist of a single cell

What is the distinguishing feature of multicellular glands?

They consist of multiple cells

What type of glands are classified depending on the branching of the duct system and the arrangement of the secretory cells?

Exocrine glands

What is the typical example of a single secretory cell found in simple glands?

Goblet cells

Where are goblet cells commonly found?

Simple columnar epithelium

What do goblet cells secrete?


How are unicellular exocrine glands like goblet cells stained?

PAS and Alcian Blue stains

Which type of exocrine glands contain a single duct that does not branch?

Simple Glands

Where are simple (straight) tubular glands commonly found?

Large intestine

Which type of gland contains both tubular and acinar glands forming the tubuloacinar glands?

Submandibular salivary gland

Test your knowledge on secretory (glandular) epithelium, a type of epithelial tissue specialized in producing and releasing various secretory substances. This quiz covers the synthesis, storage, and release of proteins, lipids, and carbohydrate-protein complexes by secretory epithelial cells.

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