Sea Surface Temperature (SST) Products Quiz

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What does the SST anomaly product display?

The difference between today's SST and the long-term average

What is the scale of the global 5km Sea Surface Temperature (SST) Anomaly product?

-5 to +5 °C

What is used to produce the SST anomaly charts?

Operational night-only SST analysis at a resolution of 5 km

What are the positive numbers on the SST anomaly product scale indicative of?

Warmer than average temperature

What does the contour chart depict in relation to SST values?

Global and regional SST values in various grid spacing

Test your knowledge of Sea Surface Temperature (SST) products and their sources with this quiz. Learn about the various SST products generated daily from different sources, including evaluation products used by National Weather Service Forecast Offices. Challenge yourself to identify and understand these important SST products.

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