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Which term refers to the feature that allows for the use of multiple network paths simultaneously in a SD-WAN system?

Load Balancing & Link Aggregation

What is the name of the product offered by Speedcast that provides SD-WAN capabilities?

Speedcast SD-WAN

What is the purpose of the SIGMA Ecosystem in relation to SD-WAN?

To serve the people, systems, and applications that support digitalization

Which networking technology utilizes software to manage Wide Area Network (WAN) infrastructure?


What does SD-WAN employ to identify the most efficient path for transit of data between multiple end points?

Intelligent routing algorithms

What is the main purpose of Speedcast's SD-WAN solution?

To provide a cost-effective methodology for connecting remote sites, data centers, cloud, and offices

What is the default methodology to provide Speedcast SD-WAN as a virtualized product?

SIGMA Enterprise

Which hardware is initially available for SIGMA Enterprise deployments?

Lanner NCA 1516A

What is the purpose of load balancing in SD-WAN?

Maximizing and optimizing bandwidth service

What is remote redundancy in SD-WAN?

Adding a second device/system for automatic failover

What are the default items included in Tier 1 of SD-WAN?

Failover (WAN Link switching), Layer 3 / 4 Firewall

Which service is used to direct application traffic over specific links in a multi-WAN environment based on predefined policies and rules?

Application Steering

What is the purpose of the QoS Service?

To prioritize certain higher value traffic over other traffic types

What is the role of the Dedicated Hub Appliance in SD-WAN?

To backhaul traffic from remote branches to datacenters or cloud

What is the purpose of the Overlay network in SD-WAN?

To provide connectivity between the LAN side of a branch and the LAN side of a hub

Which of the following best describes a routing-instance?

A virtual router that separates different networks from each other.

Which template includes all configuration generated from the Workflow template as a base?

Device Template

What does a Service Template typically contain?

Specific configuration related to a service or application.

Study Notes

SIGMA & SD-WAN High level Terminology for internal development

  • Speedcast's SIGMA Ecosystem is a state-of-the-art architecture and software that provides a secure, reliable, and high-performance multi-path network.
  • SD-WAN (software defined wide area network) is the first virtualized network function deployed on the SIGMA platform.
  • SD-WAN is a networking technology that uses software to manage Wide Area Network (WAN) infrastructure, connecting remote sites, data centers, cloud, and offices.
  • Speedcast's SD-WAN on the SIGMA platform offers enterprise-grade, integrated, and cost-effective network connectivity with optimized performance and intelligent path selection.
  • SD-WAN features include load balancing, link aggregation, failover/link switching, remote redundancy, application steering, and next-generation firewall capabilities.
  • The SIGMA Ecosystem comprises of software and hardware, with the Intelligent Remote Edge component hosted on Speedcast approved hardware at the customer site.
  • Speedcast SD-WAN can be scaled easily as network requirements change and new hybrid network options become available.
  • SD-WAN Tiered system allows clear grouping of capability to steer pricing relative to depth of feature set.
  • Hardware for SD-WAN is determined by Speedcast's selected approved, standardized, and tested Industrial Computer Systems Specification.
  • Bare-metal SD-WAN deployments are allowed in some cases using Versa CSG Appliance or Dell VEP appliances.
  • The Speedcast SD-WAN core offering includes an advanced core router, VPN tunneling, failover/link switching, load balancing & link aggregation, remote redundancy, application steering, and next-generation firewall features.
  • Application steering allows for the direction of application traffic over specific links based on predefined policies and rules.

Test your knowledge on SD-WAN features and capabilities with this quiz. From tiered architectures to failover and load balancing, this quiz covers various aspects of SD-WAN technology. Challenge yourself on topics like QoS, firewalls, and application steering. See how well you understand concepts such as remote redundancy, tenancy, and monitoring. Are you ready to dive into the world of SD-WAN? Take this quiz to find out!

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