Satellite Communication Orbits

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What is the main advantage of GEO orbit for broadcasting TV?

Large covered area

What is the maximum satellite visible time for LEO satellites?

20 minutes

What is the primary advantage of LEO satellites in terms of signal strength?

Better signal strength due to lower transmit power

What is the approximate diameter of coverage for LEO satellites?

8000 km

What is the main disadvantage of GEO satellites in terms of delay?

Long delay due to high orbit

What is the minimum number of satellites required for global coverage using LEO satellites?

32 satellites

What is the distance of a Geostationary satellite's orbit from the earth's surface?

35,786 km

What is the advantage of Geostationary satellites in terms of tracking?

Tracking of the satellite is simplified

What is the approximate one-way propagation delay for Geostationary satellites?

250-280 ms

What is the main reason why Geostationary satellites are not suitable for global coverage for small mobile phones and data transmission?

They have a high propagation delay

What is the primary application of Geostationary satellites?

Weather forecast and global communications

How many satellites are required for global coverage using Geostationary satellites?

3-4 satellites

What is the primary reason a satellite stays in orbit?

The balance between its momentum and Earth's gravity

What is the purpose of a rocket in launching a satellite?

To overcome Earth's gravity and reach orbit

What happens when a satellite is too close to Earth?

It travels faster to stay in orbit

What are the two main forces acting on a satellite's motion?

Centripetal force and gravitational force of attraction

Why do satellites need to reach high speeds to stay in orbit?

To overcome Earth's gravity

What is the term for the energy a satellite gains from the rocket?


Test your knowledge of satellite communication orbits, including GEO and LEO orbits, their characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages. Learn about the orbit periods, coverage areas, and signal propagation delays.

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