Salivary Glands Anatomy and Function

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What is the function of lingual lipase?

Digestion of milk fat

What is the consequence of an abnormally short lingual frenulum?

Impaired speech

What is the pH range of saliva?

6.35 to 6.85

Which nerve supplies the taste buds on the tongue?

Glossopharyngeal nerve

What type of epithelium covers the superior surface of the tongue?

Stratified squamous epithelium

What is the consequence of food remaining in the fundus of the stomach without mixing with gastric juice?

Limited digestion by salivary amylase

Where is the parotid gland located?

Inferior and anterior to the ear

Which gland secretes pyalin?

Parotid gland

What causes inflammation and enlargement of the parotid gland?


Where does the submandibular gland open its secretion?

By submandibular duct or Wharton's duct at the side of frenulum of tongue

What is the function of saliva in food digestion?

Makes a bolus of food by chewing or mixing one time

What does excessive saliva production indicate?

Ptyalism or sialorrhea

Test your knowledge about the anatomy and function of the major pairs of salivary glands near the oral cavity. Learn about the location, secretions, and associated conditions of the salivary glands.

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