Sales Training: Objection Handling and Setting a Frame

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What is a challenge mentioned in the text when it comes to selling coaching consulting?

Difficulty in persuading people to invest in intangible information products

What could be a concern for someone paying $50,000 to learn how to sell?

Not being able to pick up the skills in time

Why does the author mention the challenge of persuading people to invest in information products?

To highlight the difficulty of selling intangible products

What was Jeremy Miner's congratulatory message to the person making good money and improving in sales?

Congratulations, you will never be broke again.

Why did Jeff's son struggle to sell in the coaching and consulting space according to his father?

He didn't have the right personality.

Where did Jeff's son find quick success after leaving coaching and consulting?

In recruitment.

What is one aspect of sales training that the speaker finds controversial?

Setting a frame for the sales call

In the context of the conversation, what does 'setting a frame' refer to?

Establishing the purpose and direction of the call

What argument does the speaker present against the industry standard in sales training?

It pretends to control customer decisions

How does the speaker describe offering an 'action taker discount' at the beginning of a sales call?


Study Notes

Sales and Objection Handling

  • The standard approach in sales calls is to set a frame, stating the purpose of the call and the expected outcome, which can be seen as controlling and ridiculous.

  • This approach is often used in the sales industry, but it may not be effective in coaching and consulting, where intangible products are being sold.

  • Coaching and consulting products, such as information-based products, rely on a complex set of factors coming together correctly, making it difficult to guarantee results.

  • Overcoming objections and persuading clients to pay large sums of money for these products can be challenging.

  • The salesperson needs to address legitimate concerns, such as the uncertainty of results, the need for practice, and the risk of leads drying up.

Sales Experience and Personality

  • The author has experience in the dog training space, where demand far outweighed supply, allowing them to easily attract clients.

  • The author believes that they could confidently walk into any business and become a top salesperson within a couple of months.

  • A person's personality can affect their ability to succeed in sales, with some individuals lacking the drive and persistence required to succeed in coaching and consulting.

  • The author shares an anecdote about a person who struggled in coaching and consulting but excelled in recruitment, highlighting the importance of emotional barriers and personality fit in sales roles.

Test your knowledge on objection handling techniques and setting a frame in sales training. Explore controversial topics related to framing calls and making decisions during sales calls.

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