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According to Trotsky, what was the significance of the events of 1905?

A majestic prologue to the revolutionary drama of 1917

What did the October Manifesto of 1905 promise?

Civil liberties and constitutional democracy

What was the long-term consequence of the October Manifesto?

Weakened autocracy

Who was Sergei Witte and what role did he play in Russian politics?

Advised for civil liberties and constitutional democracy

How did Stolypin's policies impact peasant unrest in Russia?

Led to increased peasant unrest

What was the outcome of the 1st and 2nd Dumas in Russia?

Opposed by the Tsar and dissolved

What did the growth of opposition movements in Russia suggest about the Tsarist system?

It was destined to fail.

Why did Guchkov, the Octobrist Leader, believe that Russia was heading towards another revolution in 1913?

As a result of Tsarist government’s repression.

What long-term effect did Stolypin's policies have on radical violence in Russia in 1907?

They increased radical violence in the country.

How did the Moscow Okhrana report contribute to the situation in Russia in 1912?

It ignited a conflict between miners and employers.

What was the significance of the Vyborg group's appeal after the dissolution of the 1st Duma in Russia?

It urged people to defy the government, leading to martial law.

What was the primary reason for the increase in strikes from 24 in 1911 to 2401 in 1914 in Russia?

Rise in discontent due to economic downturns.

Test your knowledge on Russian historiography with questions about the growth of opposition movements, the failures of the tsarist system, the perspectives of prominent historians like Figes and Trotsky, and key events such as the October Manifesto and the establishment of the Duma.

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