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Rock may be defined as a hard mass of mineral matter comprising two or more ______ forming minerals. Earth crust - Igneous ______s 95% and Sedimentary ______s 5% Formation of Rocks: - The various processes that lead to the formation of ______s are: 1.Cooling and consolidation of Magma:- Rocks are formed by cooling and consolidation of molten magma with in or on the surface of the earth


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Definition of Rocks

  • Rock is a hard mass of mineral matter comprising two or more rock forming minerals.

Composition of Earth's Crust

  • Igneous rocks make up 95% of the Earth's crust.
  • Sedimentary rocks make up 5% of the Earth's crust.

Formation of Rocks

  • Cooling and consolidation of magma is a process that leads to the formation of rocks.
  • Magma can cool and consolidate within or on the surface of the Earth.

Test your knowledge of rock formation with this quiz. Explore the processes behind the creation of igneous and sedimentary rocks, including the cooling and consolidation of magma. See how much you know about the formation of these essential components of the Earth's crust.

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