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RNA Splicing: Removing Introns and Creating mRNA

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What is the purpose of cutting out introns from pre-mRNA molecules?

The exact purpose is still unknown to biologists

What is the name given to the parts of pre-mRNA molecules that are cut out and discarded?


Where does the splicing of pre-mRNA molecules occur in eukaryotes?

In the nucleus

What is the result of different tissues cutting and splicing pre-mRNA molecules in different ways?

A single gene produces multiple mRNA molecules

What is the name given to the remaining pieces of pre-mRNA molecules after introns are removed?


What is a possible role of introns and exons in evolution?

They allow for very small changes in DNA to have dramatic effects on gene function

Learn about the process of RNA splicing, where introns are removed from pre-mRNA molecules and exons are joined together to form the final mRNA. This process is crucial in eukaryotes, where it takes place in the nucleus. Test your knowledge on RNA splicing and its importance in gene expression.

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