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What initiates RNA silencing (or RNA interference)?

Presence of double-stranded RNA

Which enzyme cleaves double-stranded RNA to produce small interfering RNAs?


What is the role of small interfering RNAs (siRNAs) in RNA silencing?

Attract an RNA–protein complex that cleaves mRNA

Where do siRNAs serve as guides for methylation?


Which factor affects the stability of mRNA?

Poly(A) tail

What is the role of DNA-binding factors in transcription initiation?

Influence the ability of RNA polymerase to initiate transcription

How does RNA polymerase I terminate transcription in eukaryotes?

By recruiting termination factors

Which polymerase does not require a hairpin structure for transcription termination?

RNA polymerase III

What is a common feature of eukaryotic gene regulation that differs from bacterial cells?

Use of activators for gene expression

How is gene expression influenced by chromatin structure in eukaryotic cells?

Through modulation by histone proteins

What is the role of GAL80 in transcriptional regulation?

Binding to GAL4, preventing it from activating transcription

How do repressors in eukaryotic cells differ from repressors in bacteria?

Repressors in eukaryotic cells directly block RNA polymerase

What is the function of insulators in gene regulation?

Blocking the effect of enhancers in a position-dependent manner

How does alternative splicing impact gene expression?

Allows a pre-mRNA to be spliced in multiple ways, generating different proteins

Which protein plays a role in enhancing the production of mRNA encoding the small t antigen?

Splicing factor 2 (SF2)

How does mRNA stability influence gene expression?

Affects the amount of mRNA available for translation

Test your knowledge on the degradation of cellular RNA by ribonucleases and the factors affecting mRNA stability. Learn about RNA silencing initiated by double-stranded RNA and the role of enzymes like Dicer in the process.

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