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Rigid Rocker Bottom Deformity Diagnosis and Treatment

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What is the primary method of diagnosis for rigid rocker bottom deformity?

Forced plantar flexion lateral radiographs

What is the typical age range for surgical treatment of rigid rocker bottom deformity?

6-12 months

What is a common risk factor for developing Hallux Valgus?

Genetic predisposition

What is the primary symptom of Hallux Valgus?

Difficulty with shoe wear due to medial eminence

What is the term for the angle formed by the long axis of the 1st MT and the proximal phalanx?

Hallux Valgus Angle (HVA)

What is the normal intermetatarsal angle (IMA) for a phalanx?

Less than 15°

What is the preferred treatment for a mild hallux valgus in a young female?

Soft tissue procedure

What is the characteristic of hallux rigidus in adults?

Pain and loss of motion of the 1st MTP joint due to degenerative arthritis

What is the characteristic of hammer toe deformity?

Isolated flexion deformity of the proximal IP joint of one of the lesser toes

What is the recommended treatment for juvenile and adolescent hallux valgus?

Shoe modification and pursue nonoperative management until physis closes

What is the primary cause of bilateral cavus foot deformity in most cases?

Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease

What is the purpose of the Coleman block test in the evaluation of cavus foot deformity?

To evaluate the flexibility of the hindfoot deformity

What is the typical presentation of congenital vertical talus?

A rigid flatfoot deformity

What is the recommended initial treatment for cavus foot deformity?

Accommodative shoe wear and ankle foot orthosis (AFO)

What is the radiographic finding that indicates cavus foot deformity?

Talocalcaneal angle < 20°

This quiz covers the diagnosis and treatment of Rigid Rocker Bottom Deformity, including the use of radiographs and MRI, and the usual treatment methods followed.

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