Retail Banking and Marketing: Phase 1 Data Analysis Quiz
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Retail Banking and Marketing: Phase 1 Data Analysis Quiz

Test your knowledge on the initial hypotheses, required data, and data dependencies in the data analytics lifecycle of Retail Banking and Marketing. Explore the customer profile data offered by the bank for analytical purposes.

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What is the purpose of running the model in a product environment for a discrete set of single products or a single line of business?

To test the model in a live setting before full deployment

What is the role of engineers responsible for the production environment when deploying the model?

Ensure smooth integration of the model into downstream processes

After deploying the model, what is the purpose of conducting follow-up evaluations?

Reevaluate if the model is meeting goals and expectations

What should be assessed in order to gauge competition for resources with other processes in the production environment?

<p>Run times and competition for resources</p> Signup and view all the answers

What should be done to ensure running the model fits smoothly into the production environment?

<p>Detect anomalies on inputs before they are fed to the model</p> Signup and view all the answers

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