Respiratory Muscles: Diaphragm Anatomy and Function

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Which muscle constitutes the bulk of the tongue mass?


What muscle is responsible for elevating the larynx and pharynx during swallowing and speaking?


Which muscle is the only infrahyoid muscle that elevates the larynx?


What muscle is replaced by a smooth muscle sheet that fills posterior gaps of the trachea?

Trachealis Muscle

Which muscle is responsible for widening/abducting the glottis?

Posterior Cricoarytenoid

What muscle contracts to narrow/adduct the glottis?

Lateral Cricoarytenoid

Which muscle overlaps the Superior Pharyngeus and Middle Pharyngeus muscles?


What muscle is responsible for relaxing to allow the soft palate to occlude the airway?

Tensor Veli Palatini

Which muscle is located at C6 and functions as the esophageal sphincter?


What muscle is responsible for opening the oropharynx?


Which muscle contracts to widen the inlet of the larynx?

Thyroepiglottic Muscle

What muscle is responsible for narrowing the inlet of the larynx?

Aryepiglottic Oblique Muscle

What is the primary muscle responsible for inspiration?


From which vertebrae do the crura of the diaphragm originate?

Lumbar vertebrae

What causes the dome of the diaphragm to rise as high as the level of the 4th intercostal space at rest?

Recoil of lungs after expiration

Which muscle can assist in inspiration by elevating the rib cage?

Serratus anterior

Which nerve descends vertically on the anterior scalene muscle?

Phrenic nerve

Which muscle depresses the ribs facilitating active expiration?

Internal intercostal muscles

What causes the dome of the diaphragm to descend 2 spaces bilaterally when contracted?

Contraction of abdominal muscles

Test your knowledge about the anatomy and function of the diaphragm, the primary muscle of inspiration in the respiratory system. Learn about its movements, embryological development, and regions of origin.

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