Respiratory Issues in Children

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What is the duration of symptoms required for a diagnosis of chronic sinusitis?

12 weeks or longer

What is the most common organism implicated in acute bacterial sinusitis?


What is the antibiotic treatment of choice for moderate to severe acute bacterial sinusitis?

Amoxicillin-clavulanate (augmentin)

What is a symptom suggestive of acute viral and bacterial rhinosinusitis?

Facial or dental pain

What is the term used to describe a worsening of symptoms after an initial improvement?

Double sickening

What is the minimum duration of antibiotic treatment for acute bacterial sinusitis?

10-15 days

What is a symptom required for a diagnosis of chronic sinusitis?

Decrease in sense of smell

What is the term used to describe the yellowish or greenish mucus characteristic of bacterial sinusitis?

Mucopurulent discharge

What is the second-line antibiotic for those with penicillin allergies?


What is the term used to describe the presence of polyps in the nasal cavity or middle meatus?

Nasal polyp

Assess your knowledge on how to approach, classify, and treat children with cough or difficult breathing. Learn about conditions that require urgent hospital referral and when to prescribe antibiotics.

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