Research Methods: Approaches to Sampling

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What is a necessary condition for probability sampling?

Each member of the population has an equal chance of being selected

Which of the following survey methods is most susceptible to response bias?

Mail surveys

What is the primary advantage of stratified random sampling?

It increases the likelihood that the sample will represent the population

What is the purpose of a sampling frame in probability sampling?

To provide a list of potential participants for the survey

What is the primary difference between probability and nonprobability sampling?

The equal chance of selection for each member of the population

Which of the following is an example of a nonprobability sampling method?

Convenience sampling

What is the primary goal of selecting a sample in research?

To ensure that the sample is representative of the population

What is the primary limitation of Sample A and Sample B?

They are representative of only one feature of the population.

What type of bias occurs when a researcher places sign-up sheets for a study in a Psychology Department?

Selection bias

What is the term for the list of all members of a population?

Sampling Frame

Which type of sampling involves dividing the population into subgroups based on characteristics and then selecting a random sample from each subgroup?

Stratified Random Sampling

What is the term for the problem of survey respondents providing inaccurate or untruthful answers?

Response Bias

What is the primary reason for under-representation of individuals from diverse cultures in research?

Researcher's bias in selection procedures

What is the term for the individuals who are selected for the initial sample but do not complete and return the survey?


What is the term for the process of selecting a sample that is representative of the population?

Probability Sampling

Which of the following is NOT a characteristic of a sample that is representative of the population?

The sample is comprised of only volunteers

What is the primary consequence of response bias in survey data collection?

A sample that represents only the population of people who are interested and have time

What is the term for the list of all individuals in the population from which a sample is drawn?

Sampling frame

Test your understanding of sampling methods in research, including non-probability and probability sampling, and their applications. Learn about convenience sampling and more.

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