Renal System: Glomerular Filtration

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What is the primary reason for fluid overload in patients with oliguria?

Inability to eliminate excess fluids

What is the effect of high potassium levels on the heart?

Cardiac dysrhythmias

What is the relationship between phosphorus and calcium levels in the body?

Inversely proportional

What is the role of the kidney in maintaining calcium levels?

Activating vitamin D

What is the consequence of elevated phosphorus levels on bone health?

Renal osteodystrophy

Why does calcium levels decrease in patients with kidney failure?

Decreased vitamin D activation

What happens to calcium levels when parathyroid hormone (PTH) is produced?

Calcium levels increase

What is a potential consequence of metabolic acidosis in the kidneys?


What is the function of erythropoietin produced by the kidneys?

Stimulate red blood cell production

What is a common consequence of chronic kidney disease?

Renal osteodystrophy

What is the primary cause of anemia in kidney failure?

Reduced erythropoietin production

What is the order of treatment for acute kidney injury?

ID cause, correct it, and give kidney time to recover

What is the primary goal of treating kidney infections aggressively?

To prevent permanent kidney damage and renal failure

What is the purpose of pushing fluid through the urinary tract?

To flush organisms out of the urinary tract through the washout phenomenon

What is the typical treatment approach for bladder infections?

A few days of oral antibiotics

Why is it important to correct any underlying physiological flaws that may have contributed to the infection?

To prevent future UTIs and reduce the risk of chronic infections

What is the typical treatment approach for kidney infections?

A few days of IV antibiotics followed by a couple of weeks of oral antibiotics

What is struvite composed of?

Magnesium, ammonium, and phosphate

Why is it important to determine the composition of a kidney stone?

To develop a treatment plan to prevent future stones

What is the primary symptom of a kidney stone?

Pain in the flank and abdomen

What is the cause of hematuria in kidney stone patients?

Scraping of the ureter walls by the stone

What is the primary issue with kidney stones?


What is the characteristic of the pain in kidney stone patients?

A cramping or spasmodic pain that comes and goes in waves

What is the primary factor that determines what substances pass into the urine?

Integrity of the glomerular basement membrane

What happens to the blood that does not get filtered into the tubular component?

It travels to the efferent arteriole

What is the normal rate of filtrate formation per minute?

125 ml

What is the function of the afferent and efferent arterioles?

To control the amount of filtrate formed

What happens when the pressure in the glomerulus increases?

More filtrate is formed

Which of the following is too large to pass through the glomerular basement membrane?

Red blood cells

Learn how the glomerular basement membrane determines what substances are filtered into the urine. Understand the structure and function of the glomerulus and its layers, including the basement membrane. Discover how the size of the spaces between the fibers affects what passes into the urine.

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