Reliability and Validity in Psychological Assessment

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At what age did Jose start speaking his first words?

3 years old

What type of family history is evident in Jose's case?

Family history of ADHD

Which fine motor ability is currently limited for Jose?

Tying his shoe laces

What was one of the observed behaviors that Jose displayed?

Hand flicking and shouting when excited

How long did Jose stay in the hospital neonatal care after birth?

4 weeks

Which of the following is NOT one of the five key areas evaluated by the DP3?


Which domain of the DP3 assesses a child's ability to dress, use technology, and take care of themselves and others?

Adaptive Behavior

What is the main purpose of the DP3?

To evaluate a child's development in five key areas

Which domain of the DP3 assesses a child's interpersonal functioning and ability to relate to friends and adults?


What type of skills does the Communication domain of the DP3 assess?

Expressive and receptive language skills

What is the approximate time required to administer the DP3?

20-40 minutes

What is the typical test-retest reliability range for the DP-3 assessment?

.81 to .92

Which assessment is mentioned as correlating with the DP-3 at expected levels?

Preschool Language Scale, Fourth Edition

What is the purpose of the DP-3 assessment mentioned in the text?

To determine school placement

What is the recommended strategy for encouraging a child to stack more objects?

Gradually increase the number of objects to stack

What is the typical internal consistency range for the DP-3 assessment?

.89 to .97

What is the primary focus of the DP-3 assessment in relation to intervention?

Maintaining the child's self-concept while teaching new skills

Study Notes

Jose's Behavior and Development

  • Jose was observed to be overly active, unable to sit still, and had poor eye contact.
  • He was capable of two-word phrases, but also made unintelligible words and sounds.
  • He displayed repetitive mannerisms, such as hand flicking and shouting when excited.
  • Jose was unresponsive when his name was called, but could sustain attention in tasks that interested him.

Perinatal and Family History

  • Jose's mother gave birth at 38 years old.
  • During pregnancy, she underwent a minor surgery and took antibiotics post-operation.
  • Jose was born 4 weeks early and stayed in the hospital neonatal care for 2 weeks.
  • There is a family history of ADHD (paternal cousin).

Developmental Profile

  • Jose started speaking his first words at 3 years old.
  • He has limited fine motor abilities (e.g., cannot tie his shoe laces, awkward pencil grip).
  • Gross motor skills are average.

Developmental Profile III (DP-3)

  • Evaluates a child's development in five key areas: Physical, Adaptive Behavior, Social-Emotional, Cognitive, and Communication.
  • Purposes of the DP-3 include evaluating development, gaining parent input, and providing intervention recommendations.
  • A multidimensional screening tool useful for various purposes, including screening for developmental problems and determining areas of strength and weakness.

DP-3 Administration and Characteristics

  • Administration takes 20-40 minutes.
  • Respondents indicate whether the child has mastered each skill by answering "yes" or "no".
  • Reliability: Median internal consistency is .89 to .97, and test-retest reliability is .81 to .92.
  • Validity: DP-3 scores correlated with other established assessment tools, such as Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales, Second Edition, and Peabody Developmental Motor Scales, Second Edition.

Explore the psychometric characteristics of psychological tests including internal consistency and test-retest reliability. Learn about how scores correlate with other established assessment tools.

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