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What is the basic premise of Reader Response Theory?

It emphasizes the reader's interpretation and response to the text

In the DIEHR AND SURKAMP MODEL, what does 'DIEHR' stand for?

Dynamic Interaction Enhances Human Response

Which of the following best describes a key aspect of lower thinking skills in Bloom's taxonomy level?

Recalling specific details from the text

Study Notes

Reader Response Theory

  • Focuses on how readers' personal experiences and emotions influence their interpretation of a text


  • DIEHR stands for Description, Interpretation, Evaluation, Hindsight, and Response

Bloom's Taxonomy

  • Lower thinking skills include remembering and understanding, which involve recalling and comprehending information

Quiz: Reader Response Theory and DIEHR AND SURKAMP MODEL Test your knowledge of Reader Response Theory and the DIEHR AND SURKAMP MODEL with 5 multiple choice questions at the lower levels of Bloom's taxonomy. This quiz will help you reinforce your understanding of the basics of reader response theory and its application through the DIEHR AND SURKAMP MODEL.

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