Rashi Rabbi Shlomo Yitzchaki - Life and Legacy

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What is Rashi known for?

Providing insightful comments on the Torah

How did Rashi simplify complicated items in his commentary?

By bringing in insights from the Talmud

What distinguished Rashi's commentary on the page from other texts?

Utilization of Rashi script

What role did Rashi's children and grandchildren play in continuing his work?

Often disagreed with his work in תוספות

How did Rashi's daughters stand out according to the text?

They were known for their exceptional learning

What did the commentator refer to himself as?

Avraham HaSepharadi

Why did the commentator only write his commentary after being sent into exile?

Nobody was interested in his poetry outside of Spain

In what way did the commentator's commentary differ from that of his contemporaries?

It contained controversial comments and rational explanations

According to the commentator, how old was Yitzchak during the עקידה (Binding of Isaac)?

13 years old

Which scholar wrote the פסוקים about Moshe's death, according to the commentator?


Learn about the life and legacy of Rabbi Shlomo Yitzchaki, also known as Rashi, a prominent French medieval Jewish scholar. Discover interesting stories about Rashi's birth, his dedication to Torah studies, and his insightful commentary on the Torah and Talmud.

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