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In a research study, which part should a hypothesis mainly be based on?

Review of related literature

What is the variable being tested and monitored in a research study?

Dependent variable

What statistical measure should be used to determine the most favored topics in math?


Which threat is indicated when a large number of drop-outs are recorded after the pre-test in an experimental design?


What does a researcher need to maintain in validating data gathered from interviews or group discussions?


What type of quantitative research determines the extent of a relationship between variables using statistical data?


What part of the research focuses on the question 'who will benefit from the study'?

Significance of the study

Which type of variable is described as 'non-manipulated variable that the researcher is interested in understanding, explaining, or predicting'?

Non-manipulated variable that the researcher is interested in understanding, explains or predicting

What statistical treatment should be used to compare the effect of 5 different herbs on the health of elderly people?


Where should Camille best extract the definitions of terms used in her study on child protection policy implementation in her districts?

Dictionary definition

'Delimitation' in a research study arises from the researcher's decision about what to exclude. What does 'delimitation' refer to?


What best describes an independent variable?

Variable whose effect is being measured and impacted by another variable

What is the primary purpose of inviting professionals or experts to examine a test?

To establish the validity of the test

Which part of a research study identifies the constraints or limitations that prevent further investigation?

Scope and delimitations of the study

Which characteristic of a research title is incorrect according to Watkins (2008)?

Long, descriptive and not to the point

If Vicente researches laws and legal documents related to illegal drug use, what type of source is he consulting?

Related References

Which aspect of a research study ensures the safety and well-being of the researchers and participants?


If a researcher wants to use student portfolios as an instrument to assess student achievement, which of the following would be an appropriate portfolio project?

Collection of essays on various topics

Study Notes

Research Methods

  • Research involves using scientific methods and knowledge to find truths
  • Example: Conducting a survey using scientific basis and systematic methods

Research Components

  • Background of the research: Provides context for the study
  • Research questions: Statements that represent the ideas to be examined in the study
  • Statement of the problem: Identifies the issue being addressed
  • Significance of the study: Explains who will benefit from the study


  • Independent variable: A variable that has a presumed effect on the other variable
  • Dependent variable: The variable being tested and monitored

Statistical Analysis

  • ANOVA: Used to compare the effect of multiple variables (e.g., 5 different herbs)
  • T-test: Used to compare the means of two groups
  • Chi-square: Used to analyze categorical data
  • Pearson-r: Used to measure correlation between two variables
  • Mode: Used to determine the most favored topic

Research Design

  • Experimental design: Used to study the effectiveness of a community-based health program
  • Correlational research: Determines the extent of a relationship between two or more variables using statistical data
  • Descriptive research: Provides systematic information about a phenomenon

Data Validation

  • Confidentiality: Important for maintaining the results of interviews or group discussions

Research Instruments

  • Portfolio: A collection of student work, used to assess student achievement (e.g., reflective journal on one poem)

Research Limitations

  • Scope and delimitation: Refers to the boundaries of the research study, arising from the researcher's decision of what to exclude
  • Limitations: Parameters that prevent researchers from pursuing further studies due to time and budgetary constraints

Research Ethics

  • Informed consent: Ensures the safety of the researchers and the test subjects
  • Ethics: Refers to the part of the study that ensures the safety of the researchers and the test subjects

Test your knowledge on quantitative research methods and experimental design with this quiz. Explore concepts like correlational studies, causal-comparative research, and threats to internal validity in experimental designs.

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