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What is the focus of today's health care industry?

Provision of high-quality care in a safe environment

According to the National Academy of Medicine, which of the following is not a dimension in health care quality?


What does the PDSA cycle stand for?


What are the characteristics of SMART goals in quality improvement processes?

Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-bound

What does 'STEEP' represent in the context of health care quality?

Safety, Timeliness, Effectiveness, Efficiency, Professionalism

Which method of quality improvement is associated with the pursuit of continuous improvement by reducing waste and variation?

Lean Management

What is the main goal of quality improvement projects?

Improving patient outcomes

Which term refers to the sum of properties of a service or product that serve to satisfy the needs of its consumer?


In Lean Management, the primary focus is on:

Eliminating waste and non-value added activities

What is the goal of the Six Sigma process in terms of error rate?

3 in 1 million

Which cycle does Six Sigma adopt for continuous quality improvement?

DMAIC (Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control)

What does Sigma (σ) represent in the Six Sigma process?

Standard deviation

Which organization rewards or penalizes hospitals based on their performance in process measures, outcomes, patient experience, and efficiency?

The Joint Commission (TJC)

What is the primary goal of the Plan phase in the PDSA Cycle?

What are the four essential components of Disease Management?

An integrated health care system, a comprehensive knowledge base regarding prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease, sophisticated clinical and administrative information systems, a commitment to continuous quality improvement

What is the goal of the Six Sigma process regarding failure rate?

3 in 1 million

Test your knowledge on quality improvement methods, tools, and the importance of monitoring patient outcomes in health care services.

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