Quadratic Functions: Vertex Form vs Standard Form

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What is the main difference between finding the equation of a quadratic function in vertex form and standard form?

Vertex form requires knowledge of the vertex and one other point, while standard form requires three points.

Why is it recommended to start with the y-intercept point when finding the equation of a quadratic function in standard form?

It aids in determining the value of c in the standard form.

When using the elimination method to solve for a and b in the standard form equation, what type of system of equations is being solved?

A system of linear equations

What would be the consequence of using the vertex form to find the equation of a quadratic function when two points are given but neither is the vertex?

The calculation would be more complex than using standard form.

How many points are required to determine the quadratic function using vertex form?

Two points

In finding the quadratic function without the vertex, how many variables need to be solved for in standard form?

Three variables

What should you NOT do when using a bench vise?

Use a handle extension for extra clamping pressure

What material are the jaw plates of a bench vise usually made of?

Cast iron

How are the jaw plates of a bench vise designed to increase gripping?

Knurled surface

What should you avoid doing when using the jaws of a vise?

Using them as an anvil

What type of system of equations should be avoided when solving for variables in the standard form equation?

Rational equations

What should be done before placing a job in the jaws of a bench vise?

Check for any cracks in the vise

What determines the size of a chisel?


Which chisel shape is used when cutting concave grooves?

Round nose

What is heated to a temperature of 2000 to 2500°F during the manufacturing of a chisel to form the cutting edge?


Which chisel shape is NOT typically used for grooving?


In chiseling, what does the utilization of applied force depend on?

Lip angle

What type of heating process occurs during the manufacturing of a chisel to increase its hardness?


What should be done to the cutting edge of a chisel to prevent damage to the workpiece and hazards to workers?

Sharpen it to proper lip angle

What is the primary purpose of a wrench?

To apply torque for turning objects

Why should burrs or mushrooms be removed from a chisel by grinding?

To maintain the chisel's cutting efficiency

In what type of projects are pipe wrenches commonly used?

Plumbing projects

What is a key safety consideration when using a hammer with a cold chisel?

Strike the chisel head along its axis

What is the distinguishing feature of Crescent (TM) wrenches?

Adjustable jaws set at a 30-degree angle

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Install a guard or protective covering

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Fasteners with flat, parallel surfaces

What type of chisel is used for removing damaged rivets?


Why is having the right wrench type important for success when working with fasteners?

To ensure proper grip and turning

When creating sharp corners, what shape of chisel would be most suitable?


What is the difference between pipe wrenches and general use wrenches?

Pipe wrenches are fixed size, while general use wrenches are adjustable

What are customary tool sizes based on?

Fractions of an inch

What is the measurement for metric wrench sizes?

Width of the jaw opening

What is the purpose of Vise-Grip tools?

To lock adjustable pliers

Which type of pliers are sometimes referred to as 'Water-pump pliers'?

Slip joint pliers

What distinguishes Vise-Grip tools from other types of pliers?

'Wrench pliers' type

Study Notes

  • Given a graph, the equation of a quadratic function can be found using either the vertex form or the standard form.
  • Vertex form (y = a(x - h)^2 + k) requires knowing the vertex and one other point on the graph, making it easier as only two points are needed.
  • Standard form (y = ax^2 + bx + c) requires three points to find the quadratic function, involving the variables a, b, and c.
  • To find the equation in standard form without the vertex, use the three given points and solve for a, b, and c using systems of equations.
  • Starting with the y-intercept point (when x is 0) helps to determine the value of c in the standard form.
  • By substituting the given points into the standard form, a system of two equations with two variables (a and b) can be set up and solved using the elimination method.
  • Once the values of a, b, and c are found, they can be substituted back into the standard form equation to get the final equation of the quadratic function.
  • If two points are given and one is the vertex, it is recommended to use the vertex form of the quadratic equation for easier calculation.

Learn the difference between finding the equation of a quadratic function using vertex form and standard form. Explore how to determine the quadratic function with either the vertex and one point, or three points on the graph. Understand the process of solving for a, b, and c in standard form using systems of equations.

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