Pump Shaft Sealing Methods

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What is the purpose of sealing the place where the shaft penetrates the pump casing?

To prevent process fluids from leaking to the surroundings

Why is zero leakage required in applications where fluid retention is critical?

To prevent environmental contamination

What is compression packing?

A soft, durable material placed between a shaft and the walls of a stuffing box to reduce leakage

What materials can be used to manufacture compression packing?

Nylon, flax, Teflon, lead, copper, and aluminum

What is the purpose of incorporating a lubricating material into the packing?

To reduce friction between the packing and the shaft

Why is excessive leakage from the pump casing undesirable?

It could result in loss of valuable process fluid

What is the purpose of the gland in a pump?

To hold the rings in place

Why are shaft sleeves installed over the shaft when packing is used in a pump?

To take the wear from contact with the packing

What happens if the operator tightens the gland so much that all fluid flow stops?

Fluid lubrication will be unavailable, causing the shaft and packing to heat up

What is the purpose of a lantern ring in a stuffing box of a pump?

To distribute sealing water to the packing and prevent air leakage

Why should rough surfaces on the shaft or shaft sleeve be replaced?

Rough surfaces will damage packing

What is the purpose of measuring the bore of the stuffing box and the diameter of the pump shaft when replacing pump packing?

To determine the correct size (thickness) of packing to use

What is the purpose of applying a light coating of oil or grease on the inner diameter of each ring?

To reduce friction between the rings and the shaft

What is the purpose of tamping the rings into the stuffing box one at a time?

To push the rings into place and ensure proper positioning

Why is it important to loosen off the gland nuts to just finger tight after compressing the packing slightly?

To allow for expansion of the packing

What should be done when the pump is first put in service regarding the packing leakage?

Keep the follower loose to allow maximum leakage

Why are staggered ring joints important during installation?

To avoid creating weak points in the sealing

What should be used to push the rings into place during installation?

Split wooden bushing or metal ring

What is the purpose of restoring the lockout after installing the packing?

To re-establish safety measures and procedures

Why is it recommended to allow for expansion of the packing after compressing it slightly?

To accommodate thermal variations and pressure changes

Explore the methods and importance of sealing pump shafts to prevent leakage of process fluids and environmental contamination. Learn about the sophisticated sealing methods required for applications where zero leakage is critical.

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