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Which of the following is a key characteristic of public administration?

Efficient resource allocation

What is the primary focus of public administration?

Implementing government policies and programs

What is the goal of public administration?

Promoting public welfare and equity

What is the phrase 'from the beginning of time' often used to denote?

The start of existence or history

What does the expression 'from the beginning of time' imply?


How is the phrase 'from the beginning of time' typically interpreted?

As a figurative or exaggerated timespan

Study Notes

Key Characteristics of Public Administration

  • A key characteristic of public administration is the implementation of government policies and programs.

Focus and Goals of Public Administration

  • The primary focus of public administration is to manage public programs and policies.
  • The goal of public administration is to provide public services to citizens and ensure their welfare.

The Phrase 'From the Beginning of Time'

  • The phrase 'from the beginning of time' is often used to denote something that has been a constant or traditional feature since the earliest known period.
  • The expression implies that a particular phenomenon, practice, or concept has been present or prevalent throughout history.
  • The phrase is typically interpreted as meaning that something has been a part of human experience or society for as long as anyone can remember or since the earliest recorded history.

Test your knowledge of public administration with this quiz! Explore the primary focus, key characteristics, and goals of public administration through a series of engaging questions. Whether you're a student or a professional in the field, this quiz will challenge your understanding of key concepts in public administration.

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