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What is the main focus of Public Administration?

Implementation of public policy and government establishment administration

Where is Public Administration taught as a subfield of political science?

Public policy schools

Who is Public Administration education primarily aimed at preparing for work?

Civil servants in administrative positions

What is NOT a sector where people trained in Public Administration may work?

Medical services

What is one of the various definitions offered for Public Administration?

The management of public programs

Which theory of international relations is considered a methodological approach focusing on certain types of social explanation for phenomena?


Who is the author of the influential work 'Theory of International Politics' that pioneered neorealism?

Kenneth Waltz

When is the modern study of international relations, as a theory, believed to have emerged as a discipline?

After World War I

Who are the prominent proponents of neoliberalism (or liberal institutionalism) as a competitive framework to neorealism?

Robert Keohane and Joseph Nye

Which work is considered the most influential IR theory work of the post-World War II era?

Theory of International Politics

Test your knowledge of Public Administration and Policy with this informative quiz. Explore topics such as government administration, public policy implementation, and non-profit management. Ideal for students and professionals in the field.

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