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Psychology Critical Thinking

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What is the main limitation of experiments in laboratories, according to critical social psychologists?

they do not reflect people's lived experiences

What are the terms used to describe the idea that the dynamics of oppression or privilege can change over time?

historically contingent

Rowan (a baby with white biological parents) was adopted into a black family. While his skin tone was often remarked on, as he grew older having white biological parents was sometimes seen as a liability. His bad behaviour ( referred to as acting white ) was often seen as a sign of_______

disassociation of his white identity

when we say that race is socially constructed we mean that it is not biologically or genetically real but rather a_______ concept that has been used to justify and rationalize the_______ treatment of groups of people by others.

pseudo-biological, unequal

Nomalanga was a victim of violent crime. However, she chose not to report it because she did not want everyone to know and to see her as somehow damaged and in need of constant protection. Instead she spoke about herself as a resilient survivor who had overcome the trauma and was not to blame for what happened. This story illustrates the social constructionist theory of ________.

subject positions

What do we call the ideology which operates in spaces where whiteness continues to be privileged over blackness?

white supremacy

Milgram's experiments to test obedience to authority were unethical because they_____.

did not get informed consent from participants who were deceived about the experiment

As shown in Vincent (2008), when people who are experiencing oppression within a particular context have contact with people who are privileged in that context, then the contact has the effect of _______ the dominance of the privileged group.


Social psychologists very often conduct research with a subject population they know something about and that is accessible to them. That is why we know a lot about ______ and very little about______.

students; elderly people

Jahoda (2016) reflected on his career of more than 70 years as a social psychologists. He concluded that mainstream social psychology tends to ignore the effects of assuming that all findings apply to people_.

culture; universally

This quiz assess the understanding of critical social psychologists' perspective on the limitations of laboratory experiments. It evaluates the ability to think critically about the research methods and their implications.

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