PSL301H—Blood and Immune System Lecture 1: Intro and Red blood cells

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What are the symptoms described in the case study?

Fatigue, irritability, and lightheadedness

What condition was Erica Fine diagnosed with ten years ago?

Ulcerative colitis

What dietary change did Erica Fine make over the past few months?

Omitted animal products from her diet

What is the possible cause of Erica Fine's symptoms based on her dietary change?

Iron deficiency anemia

What is the role of blood in defending against toxins and pathogens?

Defending against toxins and pathogens

What is the approximate amount of blood in a 70 kg male?

5 liters

What is the normal range for hematocrit in the blood?


Which organ is primarily responsible for producing most plasma proteins?


What is the primary function of albumins in the blood?

Generating colloid osmotic pressure

What percentage of the total blood volume is occupied by packed red blood cells in a healthy individual?


Which type of leukocytes are primarily responsible for phagocytosis in the body?


What is the primary role of fibrinogen in the blood?


Which of the following symptoms might indicate a possible infection in an individual?

Enlarged tonsils and headache

What is the cause of high blood viscosity in an individual with a high hematocrit level?

Low oxygen delivery to tissues

What might be the condition of an individual experiencing confusion, stiff neck, and a temperature of 39.2C?


What is the primary way in which the body fights infections?

Activating the immune system

Test your knowledge on the functions of blood, constituents of blood, hematopoiesis, removal of old red blood cells, symptoms of anemia, causes of anemia, polycythemia, and clinical descriptions related to blood disorders.

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