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Which method is generally used to test the function of a protein in vivo?

MTX selection

What makes cells resistant to Methotrexate (MTX)?

Stable gene integration

Which type of proteins are best expressed using eukaryotic expression systems?

Large proteins (>100kD)

What is the purpose of stable gene integration in protein expression?

To integrate genes into random locations within different chromosomes

Which method selects for cells with the highest expression of the gene of interest (GOI) and DHFR gene?

MTX selection

Which method is commonly used to quantitate proteins in a protein extract?


Which expression system is optimal for protein expression?

Mammalian cell line

Which expression system is commonly used for expressing large proteins?

Yeast cells

Which expression system is capable of performing glycosylation?

Mammalian cell line

Which system is commonly used for expressing difficult-to-express proteins with low risk?


Test your knowledge on protein analysis, expression, and purification with this quiz. Learn about protein quantitation, enzyme assays, molecular chaperones, post-transcriptional modifications, and more. Explore the importance of a good purification scheme for achieving high purification levels and yield.

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