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What did Albert and his co-workers describe prodrugs as?

Pharmacologically inactive chemical derivatives used to alter drug properties

What occurs in the laboratory during the synthesis of a prodrug?

Enzyme + Drug + Cap = Prodrug

What happens to the prodrug in the body?

Enzymatic or chemical transformation

What are prodrugs also known as?

Latentiated drugs, bioreversible derivatives, congeners

What is the ideal outcome for a prodrug at the site of action?

Conversion to the original drug followed by rapid elimination of the released group

Study Notes


  • Albert and his co-workers described prodrugs as inactive or partially active compounds that undergo biotransformation to an active drug.
  • In the laboratory, during the synthesis of a prodrug, the active drug is modified to create a new compound which is inactive or partially active.
  • In the body, the prodrug is converted back to the active drug through metabolic processes.
  • Prodrugs are also known as drug latentiation.
  • The ideal outcome for a prodrug at the site of action is that it releases the active drug, which then exerts its therapeutic effect.

Test your knowledge of prodrugs with this quiz on the chemistry of prodrugs. Explore the concept of prodrugs as pharmacologically inactive derivatives designed to enhance drug properties and reduce toxicity. Challenge yourself with questions on the synthesis and properties of prodrugs.

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