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What are the elements that can be broken down in procurement?

Sourcing, Purchasing Goods and Services

What is involved in complex procurements?

Determining a specific need, Defining standards, Researching viability of companies

What are the specific procurement management skills mentioned in the text?

Purchasing fundamentals, Analysis and Spreadsheets, Contract Law

What is part of executing the contract in procurement?

Negotiating price and other requirements

What is an important skill for supplier relationship management in procurement?


Study Notes

Procurement Breakdown

  • Procurement can be broken down into several elements, including:
    • Sourcing
    • Contracting
    • Procuring
    • Contract management
    • Supplier relationship management
    • Logistics management

Complex Procurements

  • Complex procurements involve:
    • Multiple stakeholders
    • High-value or high-risk purchases
    • Customized or unique requirements
    • Long-term or multi-year contracts

Procurement Management Skills

  • Key skills for procurement management include:
    • Stakeholder management
    • Communication
    • Negotiation
    • Risk management
    • Strategic planning
    • Contract management
    • Supplier management
    • Data analysis

Executing the Contract

  • Executing the contract in procurement involves:
    • Ensuring compliance with contract terms
    • Managing contract changes
    • Coordinating with suppliers
    • Monitoring performance
    • Managing contract close-out

Supplier Relationship Management

  • An important skill for supplier relationship management is:
    • Collaboration
    • Building trust and rapport with suppliers
    • Managing conflicts
    • Communicating effectively
    • Developing strategic partnerships

Test your knowledge of procurement with this quiz! Explore the key elements of procurement, including sourcing, purchasing goods and services, and the complexities involved in determining specific needs and researching viable companies.

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