Procedural vs Object-Oriented Programming Languages

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What is a procedural language characterized by?

A set of functions, instructions, and statements executed in a certain order

Which of the following languages is NOT commonly considered a procedural language?


What aspect makes object-oriented languages more popular for complex programs compared to procedural languages?

Reusing objects within a program

In a procedural language, what is the purpose of specifying the steps that the computer takes?

To solve a problem in a sequential manner

Which programming language is commonly associated with functional programming?


What distinguishes functional languages from procedural ones?

Focusing on the output of mathematical functions and evaluations

What is another name for the third generation language?

Procedural language

Which type of language requires an assembler?

Low-level language

What is the advantage of fourth-generation languages?

Enables users to access the database

Why is the third generation language called high-level programming language?

Because it consists of English-like words

What makes the second generation language different from the third generation?

Second generation uses symbolic instruction codes

Which type of language needs to be translated into machine language using a compiler or interpreter?

Procedural language

What is a procedural programming language?

A language that follows a sequence of statements to achieve a desired output.

In procedural programming, what is each series of steps called?


What is a key characteristic of procedural languages?

Follow a sequence of steps or commands

Which type of programming language has poor control over hardware?

Fifth-generation languages

Which language type is based on the concept of artificial intelligence?

Fifth-generation languages

What is a disadvantage of procedural programming languages?

Complex and long code

Learn about the differences between procedural and object-oriented programming languages. Explore common examples of procedural languages like C, C++, Java, Pascal, and BASIC. Understand how procedural languages specify the steps for the computer to solve a problem compared to object-oriented programming.

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