Problem-Based Learning in Higher Education

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What became the cornerstone of the new School of Medicine at McMaster University in 1969?

Problem-solving approach

In which years of medical school has Problem-based learning (PBL) seen the most widespread application?

First and second years

How many out of 125 medical schools in the United States follow a Problem-based learning (PBL) curriculum according to McMaster University?


In addition to health care education, in which other fields has Problem-based learning (PBL) been applied?

Architecture, law, business education

Which sectors have also been affected by Problem-based learning (PBL), according to the text?

Distance learning and K-12 sector

What was the motivation behind the small group, student-centered initiative in medical education?

To enhance students' clinical reasoning abilities

Who is credited with the research and observation of the reasoning capabilities of medical students and expert practitioners that contributed to the advancement of problem-based learning?

Harold Barrows

Which educational institution is mentioned as the originator of problem-based learning as a general concept in medical education?

Case Western Reserve University

Which skills did Barrows consider most crucial for treating patients in a clinical setting?

Problem-solving skills

During which decade did problem-based learning gain popularity as a more advanced concept?

Late 1960s

What combination did the original problem-based learning model at Case Western Reserve University consist of?

Problem-based learning with more traditional teaching methods

Explore the origins and development of problem-based learning in higher education, with a focus on its conceptualization and implementation. Learn about the influence of this innovative curricular approach on teaching methods and student learning outcomes.

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