Principles of Persuasion in Social Psychology

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Scarcity: People prize what’s ______.


What Path Lead to Persuasion. The Central route (Explicit attitude) - occurs when interested people focus on the arguments and respond with favorable ______.


The peripheral route (Explicit attitude) - occurs when people are influenced by incidental ______, such as a speaker’s attractiveness.


Credibility- ______. A credible communicator perceived as both expert and trustworthy.


An appealing communicator (often someone similar to the audience) is most persuasive on matters of subjective ______.


What is the central route to persuasion based on?

Focusing on the arguments and responding with favorable thoughts

What does credibility in persuasion refer to?

Believability and being perceived as both expert and trustworthy

What makes an appealing communicator most persuasive on matters of subjective preference?

Having qualities that appeal to an audience

What does the peripheral route to persuasion rely on?

Being influenced by incidental cues

What principle does the authority in persuasion refer to?

People defer to credible experts

Test your knowledge of the principles of persuasion in social psychology with this quiz. Explore the factors that help people clear persuasion hurdles and understand the paths that lead to persuasion, such as the central route.

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