Predicting Attraction and Relationships

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What plays an important role in liking according to the text?

Physical Attractiveness

What is the Propinquity Effect related to?

Mere Exposure

What is preferred across cultures in terms of facial attractiveness?


What has beauty been associated with according to the text?

Better health outcomes for infants in hospitals

What is crucial for interpersonal attraction according to the text?


Study Notes

Factors Influencing Attraction

  • Similarity plays an important role in liking, as people tend to like those who are similar to themselves
  • The Propinquity Effect, which states that people tend to form friendships or romantic relationships with those who are geographically close, is related to physical proximity

Facial Attractiveness

  • Across cultures, symmetry, averageness, and good health are preferred in terms of facial attractiveness

Beauty and Attraction

  • Beauty has been associated with social status, power, and access to resources according to the text
  • Physical attractiveness is crucial for interpersonal attraction, as it can influence initial impressions and mate selection

Test your knowledge of attraction and relationships by answering questions about what determines interpersonal attraction, including factors like proximity and mere exposure effect.

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