Poultry Development in India

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What percentage of the total poultry population do ducks account for?


Which state has the highest population of ducks in India?


Which domesticated bird species accounts for the highest percentage of the total poultry?


What is the current population of ducks in Asia according to FAO 2008 data?

101 million

Which species of ducks outnumber exotic ducks despite their inferior performance?

Chara and Chemballi (Kuttanad ducks) of Kerala

When were hybrid layer strains first introduced into India?


Which city did not have a regional poultry farm set up under the All India Poultry Development Project?


What type of strains did the Central Poultry Breeding Farms at Mumbai, Bhubaneswar, and Hasserghatta produce?

High egg producing strains

Which organization was responsible for the marketing of egg and poultry meat at national and regional levels?

National Agricultural Co-operative Marketing Federation of India (NAFED)

Where was the Central Training Institute for poultry production and management located?


Test your knowledge about the history and development of poultry farming in India, from the initiatives of Christian missionaries to the establishment of regional poultry farms. Learn about the introduction of hybrid layer and broiler strains and the organized efforts in poultry development in India.

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