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What is the end behavior of the graph of $y = x^2$ as $x$ approaches positive infinity?

The end behavior is up, as $x$ approaches positive infinity, $y$ approaches positive infinity.

How is the end behavior of an even function described?

It is symmetrical about the y-axis.

What type of function is $y = x^2$?

Even function

What happens to the values of $y$ as $x$ approaches negative infinity for the graph of $y = x^2$?

As $x$ approaches negative infinity, $y$ approaches positive infinity.

What is the degree of the function $y = x^2$?


Graphing Polynomial Functions Quiz: Test your knowledge of graphing polynomial functions by understanding end behavior, multiplicity, and finding zeros. Learn how to plot even functions such as y = x^2 and grasp the concept of symmetry around the y-axis. Perfect your graphing skills with this informative quiz!

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