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Can police officers lend their identification cards or badges to another person?

No, not without approval of the police chief

What is the stance of police officers towards favors or gratuities according to the text?

They should refuse any that can influence official acts or judgments

Can police officers be present at establishments providing sexually oriented adult entertainment while on duty according to the text?

No, unless required for official duties

In what way should police officers handle the use of their names in advertisements according to the text?

They should not authorize the use of their names for commercial purposes

What is the stance of police officers regarding labor disputes or public demonstrations while acting in an official capacity according to the text?

They should maintain a neutral position

Can police officers endorse political candidates while on duty or in uniform per the text?

No, they should not make endorsements in those situations

Are police officers allowed to express their views on criminal justice legislation in their official capacity as per the text?

Yes, anytime they feel it is necessary

What is the policy regarding the use of police officer's identification cards in the text?

They cannot lend them without approval from the police chief

What is the expectation about political endorsements by police officers while on duty?

They are prohibited from making political endorsements while on duty

Test your knowledge on the code of conduct for police officers, covering topics such as refraining from criminal activities, maintaining integrity in official duties, and building trust with the community.

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